Wednesday, September 07, 2011

How to connect wireless router to another wireless router

This post is not related to Oracle. It just a hint for a problem I found while I was setting up my home network by connecting a new wireless router to an existing one.

In beginning, this task seems super easy and no brainer to me. Just connect 'Internet' port of new router to any Local ethernet port on existing router and setup new router and Wala!

Oh well, it doesn't work. The new router keeps complaining it's not connected to internet. The Internet setup page show it get (localhost) as DHCP address from old router and that doesn't work obviously. Actually some network guru probably already figured out of the problem when they saw this.

So why it's get a address instead of a valid DHCP release? Well, the trick is most router by default using address and subnet. So if two routers sharing the same address, of course the new one will get localhost as address thinking he is

The solution is easy, change the new router's default subnet to etc. or change new router's IP to something like